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The Story of Quenchers

Quenchers is the product of three people with different interests. 

Maggie, a chef, wants to share her recipes and wishes to receive recipes from others in return. Next, there’s Ethan, a lifestyle photographer, who is interested in Tiktok fashion, the current albums trending on Spotify and YouTube dramas. Wrapping up the small group is Helen, a mother-of-two who is a yoga instructor by day and a Pinterest mom by night. 

The trio has always wanted to share their conversations with other people interested in the same things. Plus, they want to contribute to the betterment of the world by sharing their knowledge. Thus, Quenchers was born.

What You Can Expect from Quenchers

Food, lifestyle and culture.

We are the best place to go to for anything about food. Visit our pages when you need recipes for an impromptu dinner party. If you want to know more about meal preps, nutrition, the best restaurants in the city — we’re here!

We keep you up to date with the recent trends in fashion and lifestyle. Get to know the best places to visit when you want to travel, the latest trends in clothing and more. 

You’ll find everything that you want to learn more about here at Quenchers.

Happy reading!

Our Authors

Maggie Wheeler

Maggie Wheeler

Maggie is a 29-year old chef at an NYC restaurant who is in love with Beyond Burgers, even though she’s not 100 percent vegan. She’s passionate about serving fancy appetizers and figuring out how to make Cool Ranch Doritos fancy.

Helen Morrison

Helen Morrison

Helen is a proud mother to twin girls, Leia and Leila. She is also a yoga instructor by day who loves doing Pinterest work by night.

Ethan Parker

Ethan Parker

Born in London, Ethan made the big move to the US so he can take more photos of the Big Apple. An amateur photographer, Ethan is still perfecting his art while maintaining his blogging business.